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Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art WalkTM

A self-guided tour for the art lover in everyone!

Every first Friday of the month from 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art Walk™ is a monthly self-guided walking tour that celebrates creativity, culture, and community in Downtown Fort Collins every month! From fine to funky, Art Walk showcases a spectrum of artistic styles to entertain and engage amateurs and art aficionados of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

Are you an artist? Are you interested in displaying your work for Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art Walk™?

Please fill out this form to be added to the list of artists we share with Art Walk businesses.

*Please note: Artist selection is at the discretion of individual participating businesses.

Participating Locations

March Art Walk

Date: First Friday
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Downtown Fort Collins, CO
Cost: Free!

Bas Bleu

Featuring Christy Martell

Born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in Fort Collins, Christy has a B.F.A. in Sculpture and an M.F.A. in Painting from Colorado State University.  She is retired emeritus faculty from the Department of Art and Art History at Colorado State University where she taught part-time for more than 20 years and directed the Clara Hatton Gallery.   

In 2018 she attended an embroidery workshop at Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont with Art Department colleague Natalie Barnes and a renewed love and connection to the craft was re-born. Small and intimate, the viewer is invited into a make-believe world where “Gizmos and Robot Mustard Blasters” are ready to fight off all bad guys.

Big Al's

Featuring Madeline Bechtel, Sterling Holbrook, Jaimie Pursley, Nancy Klingforth, Jake Virant

Madeline Bechtel
Her daytime work is for the City of Fort Collins as their Senior Graphic Designer while all other work is created through MCCB Design - a whimsical personal business focused on creating powerful art and brands. Through these outlets, she’s able to stay deeply connected with her community; a symbiotic relationship between creative people and place. Art by MCCB relies heavily on balance - between real vs. abstract, light vs. dark, simplicity vs. complexity and traditional vs. experimental. Madeline’s specialty is color and the psychological effects it can have on people. Her process often combines manual and digital techniques - allowing her to work in diverse settings. Ultimately, art by MCCB aims to speak to the wild curiosity living in us by focusing on themes of nature, science and human existence.

Sterling Holbrook
Nature illustrations with pencil, ink and pen

Jaimie Pursley (they/them)
I'm a multi-media artist from Windsor, Colorado. I work full time as a preschool aide in a local elementary school, and I am currently working towards becoming a children's art teacher. Teaching and art are my two biggest passions. In my free time, when I'm not working on a new project, you can find me reading, watching a scary movie, practicing yoga, taking a hike, or spending time with friends, family, and pets. My apartment zoo consists of a dog, a bird, a turtle, a snake, and two fish. Jaime Pursley Website

Nancy Klingforth
Nature and animal paintings using acrylic on canvas.

Jake Virant
Being in nature brings a sense of peace and an understanding of just how connected to the earth and the universe we are like nothing else can. I paint daily now and aspire to become a full time artist with a studio in my home where I can spend as much time with my family as possible.

Bloom Floral


Bookstore on the Square

Featuring Brittany Colonna, Sarah Sharif, Emma Hayes, Tyler Matzen, Rob Alexander, music by Songbird Susan and Jeremy Siemers

This month, Bookstore On The Square will host five artists from Petrichor Collective (Brittany Colonna, Sarah Sharif, Emma Hayes, Tyler Matzen, and Rob Alexander) along with two musicians (Songbird Susan and Jeremy Siemers) performing live during the evening!

A Petrichor Collective Project. Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective.



Crystal Joys


Dandelions & Rust

Featuring Lindsay Walker

Lindsay Walker is a local artist working with the medium of polymer clay. Her process is called caning, and it is most often used in glass blowing and candy making. Caning involves combining cylinders of clay to create a design that runs through the entire length of the cylinder (called the cane). Once reduced, Lindsay uses the canes to create earrings, mandala's and recently, to imitate fields of flowers. @sugarcanedclay

Edge Optics


Equinox Center of Herbal Studies

Featuring Marvin Swanson

Join us on the Downtown First Friday Art Walk this month with vibrant and gentle works by Marvin Swanson. We celebrate our artist with snacks, drinks, and even crafts! See you Friday from 6-9pm.


Featuring Art from Our Female Makers

Celebrate the First Day of Women's History Month with works of art from our female makers. Make history with us. Follow your nose down the illuminated marble staircase to the 142bis gallerie space. 

Fort Collins Tours

Featuring Clint Burkholder and Beth Liggett

Come by Fort Collins Ghost Tours (next to the fountain in the square) and view ghostly and historical artwork by local artist Clint Burkholder (who also completed a piano for "Art in Public Places) and jewelry art by Beth Liggett. Sweet goodies and bottled waters will be available for guests as well :)

Gilded Goat Brewing

Featuring Brita LaTona

Brita LaTona grew up in the foothills of Colorado and nature has been her sanctuary. A love for the natural world led her to begin portraying nature and animals in her art. 

"I'm called to paint animals and landscapes because I'm interested in depicting the inter-relationship between humans and the earth. I hope that my art inspires people to look at themselves in a new light. When we understand the wisdom that animals and nature share, it allows us to uncover part of an ancient connection with ourselves, nature, and all of life."

Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures

Featuring Opening of: Inspiring Women of Northern Colorado

March 1: Hall Gallery Opening and Members Social

Inspiring Women of Northern Colorado opens Friday, March 1, with free admission from 5-8 pm as part of First Friday Art Walk. The Hall Gallery exhibit is curated by members of Living Her Legacy, a Fort Collins organization dedicated to recognizing the contributions of local women. The exhibit showcases 48 women who have made a difference in our community by demonstrating commitment, courage, and resilience. As visionaries for change, the 48 honorees serve as role models for both women and girls, and nearly half of the women have ties to Colorado State University. The exhibit runs through May 25. 

From 5-8 pm, a Members-Only Social will be held in the Museum’s program room, and complimentary snacks and beverages (including wine) will be served.

Keller Williams Realty


La Boutique

Featuring Alexandra Lapoule

Bonjour and thank you for taking the time to look through my art. Born and raised in Colorado, I am a French-American self-taught artist creating with the intention of spreading bursts of brightness into the world. I use black, white, and touches of gold primarily to forecast the importance of light and darkness, but also to intensify each stroke, add resilience to each element, and to emphasize the contrast between foreground and background. Mesmerized by Mother Nature’s beauty, I aspire to capture its splendor through diverse artistic interpretation. From the majestic mountains to the veins of a leaf, there is such importance in each detail in nature.

Locust Cider

Featuring Dan Miller

Dan Miller is the head chef of Locust Cider, and an abstract artist of living canvas - a combination of acrylic paint work and live botanicals. Try his other art - celiac-safe food, while you're here for the Art Walk!

Mugs Old Town

Featuring FRCC Students, music by Jack Elliot

Join us for an unforgettable First Friday Art Walk featuring live music by Jack Elliot @jackelliotmusic and stunning art by FRCC students!

Mark your calendars for March 1st at Mugs Old Town. Support future conservationists as they fundraise for an immersive summer ecology class in Alaska! Don't miss out on a night of art, music, and cocktails with a cause!

Museum of Art

Featuring “To See Inside: Art, Architecture, and Incarceration” and “A Year of Killings”

Come see the current exhibitions on display for free during Downtown’s First Friday event! For February and March, we have “To See Inside: Art, Architecture, and Incarceration” curated by Sarah McKenzie in partnership with the Denver University Prison Arts Initiative and “A Year of Killings” by New Zealand Photographer, Henry Hargreaves. 

Otter Shop

Featuring Amy Heyse

Amy Heyse is a local artist from Fort Collins. She is married to an amazing graphic designer and they have two beautiful little girls. Amy graduated from Colorado State University with a BFA in Fine Art Drawing and a BA in Art Education. After graduating, she worked as a middle school art teacher and taught K-12 art around Northern Colorado. She likes to joke that she has post-traumatic teaching disorder and is happy that she has landed a great job as lead artist and trainer at Pinot’s Palette Fort Collins.  She has been fortunate to have had painting gigs around the city (like for the Pianos About Town program and the Transformer Cabinet Murals for the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program).  She strives to create art daily and her favorite mediums are watercolor and digital artwork.  Amy has done illustration work for OSV Kids Magazine and Colleen Pessprich’s The Jesse Tree for Families and the Father Heart of God books.  In her free time, she enjoys making weekly Catholic inspired YouTube tutorials, reading, and watching movies/shows.

Peacock’s Perch

Featuring Brandon Wright: Jr. Goat Rhythm & Blues Musician

We are excited to feature our resident musician who has entertained the city of Fort Collins from our
little corner at 162 S. College Avenue in Downtown since our beginning. Brandon Wright: “Jr. Goat Rhythm & Blues Musician” of the band -The Syrup. Brandon will play live from 6-9pm. As a kickoff to Great Plates of Downtown we will match 20% of Jr. Goat’s tips to the Food Bank for Larimer County! Refreshments and snacks are provided.

Brandon is originally from Georgia and fell in love with music by teaching himself to play the guitar to all Bob Marley songs. “Music is a serious thing; it can heal or destroy. Music gives me life in a higher realm, and I try to spread that vibe in a positive way.” Jr. Goat

Petrichor Collective Studios

Featuring Gallery Photography Artists: Jamie Holmberg, Sarah Marcus, Gray Harrison, Taylor Shank, Dillon King, Tyler Lesmeister, music by Cathleen Balantic, Mia Kaneen, Shannon Glynn

March First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

Welcome to Petrichor Collective Studios, a community curated space for Artistic expression. Housing seven resident Artists, this community hub is a testament to the power of Collective creativity. Our gallery features esteemed guest Artists, who unveil works of expertise and fresh perspectives. Petrichor Collective Studios transcends the conventional, offering an inspiring environment for everyone in the community.

This month, our gallery highlights photographers: Their work is celebrated alongside the launch of a new Film Photography Guild in March, fostering a community of film photography enthusiasts and professionals.

Petrichor Collective is a comfortable, open-minded space for our team of creatives to collaborate on projects and accomplish our Collective goals. We support our community through Art by cultivating our different skill sets, and inspiring imagination.

Come create, enjoy, taste, and explore at Petrichor Collective Studios with us!

Featured Gallery Photography Artists
: Jamie Holmberg, Sarah Marcus, Gray Harrison, Taylor Shank, Dillon King, Tyler Lesmeister

Resident Artists: Hypnagogist, Hannah Simonds Art & Tattoo, Ryan Stover, Riley Lovato, Josiekinz, Emilykinz, Brennen Kaljian

Rotating Musical Artists hosted by: Gray Harrison
Cathleen Balantic, Mia Kaneen, Shannon Glynn

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective.


Featuring Dan and Annabel from the Colorado Shoe School

Tellus is thrilled to host Dan and Annabel from the Colorado Shoe School! Come meet them and discover how you can turn upcycled and recycled materials into fabulous footwear! We'll display some of their colorful creations, and they'll answer your questions and talk about the workshops offered at their school in cozy Bellvue, Colorado. They offer a variety of workshops suitable for all skill levels. From 1-day sneakers to custom-designed boots over 5 days, they offer something for everyone! 

We're also collecting your unwanted Denim that evening for use in future Shoe School workshops. Let's turn your old jeans into new adventures for someone's feet!

The America Building


Trimble Court

Featuring Erin Joy Parrot

Featured for March we have Erin Joy Parrot @erinjoyart
Erin Joy is a naturalist illustrator and small batch screen printer based in Fort Collins.  Her inspiration comes from a deep love for nature and conservation. She recently had the pleasure of spending some lovely days in the tropical rainforests of Panama and Costa Rica. There she was able to see a few different species of flora and fauna that she had always wanted to view in the wild.  One of which being the Sobralia Orchids growing in volcanic soil, and from epiphytic perch’s high in the trees. These beautiful blooms last for only a few hours and seeing them growing wild filled her with tremendous inspiration and hope. For her featured show she focused on joyful floral forms, petal colors, and spring visions.

Up'n Smoke


Visit Fort Collins

Featuring Linda Kleiman, The Untamed Doodler, music by Carlos Barata

Visit Fort Collins will host Linda Kleiman, The Untamed Doodler, as well as Carlos Barata playing live music. This show will be unique to previous shows as Linda's creations come to life with color and dimension. Visit Fort Collins will open the doors for Art Walk at 6 pm and continue live music until 9 pm! Light snacks and refreshments included!

Walnut Creek



Featuring Dara Weyna, music by Nadalands

Dara is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in the mediums of painting, drawing, crochet and collage. In both her landscape and figurative work Dara explores the physical and emotional connections she has to the female body and the land on which we dwell. These two subjects find commonality in the celebration of their vulnerability and fortitude, and she sees them as metaphors for our human experiences of emotional expansion, intimacy, comfort and growth.

Are the Nadalands only found in the abandoned periphery of Caribbean cities or are they all around us? Amidst a strummed 12-string acoustic guitar, ambient soundscapes, and foreboding drones, Fort Collins-based songwriter John Lindenbaum (The Lonelyhearts, Rust Belt Music, The Distances) answers this question with densely lyrical tales of apocalyptic nostalgia. Two decades of live shows have featured stories of societal discord, prophetic clairvoyance, imperial decline, environmental collapse, and doomed romance. The Days of Awe LP, the 15th record by Nadalands, was released in 2023.

Wolverine Farm