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Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art WalkTM

A self-guided tour for the art lover in everyone!

Every first Friday of the month from 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art Walk™ is a monthly self-guided walking tour that celebrates creativity, culture, and community in Downtown Fort Collins every month! From fine to funky, Art Walk showcases a spectrum of artistic styles to entertain and engage amateurs and art aficionados of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

Are you an artist? Are you interested in displaying your work for Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art Walk™?

Please fill out this form to be added to the list of artists we share with Art Walk businesses.

*Please note: Artist selection is at the discretion of individual participating businesses.

Participating Locations

September Art Walk

Date: First Friday
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Downtown Fort Collins, CO
Cost: Free!

Bas Bleu


Big Al's

Featuring Lucy Powers, Abbi Garcia, Patrick Caldwell, Mallory Cash and Rylie Prussack

At Big Al’s we love funky style, bright colors and supporting our Fort Collins community, that’s why our walls are covered with local art! We currently have 5 artists that work in a variety of mediums. Stop by and take a look and enjoy a burger or hotdog.

  • Lucy Powers - children's book illustrations
  • Abbi Garcia - lifestyle/landscape photography
  • Patrick Caldwell – pen and ink drawings
  • Mallory Cash – colorful paintings
  • Rylie Prussack – 11 year old artist that would rather draw than eat or sleep

Blanchard Family Wines

Featuring Chelsea Glanz and Matthew Fredricey

Join us here at Blanchard Family Wines in featuring Chelsea Glanz and Matthew Fredricey for September’s First Friday Art Walk. 

We will have wine tasting flights, charcuterie, and more! Enjoy watching live painting, exploring amazing art, and diving into the delicious dance of wine on your palette.  See you soon!

Bloom Floral

Featuring Elena Dearth


Featuring Richard Haro

CopperMuse is featuring the photographs of local photographer Richard Haro this month.

Crisp & Green


Dandelions & Rust


Doozie Jewelry


Driver 8

Featuring Jenny Beshore

Jenny Beshore is a longtime lover of pop culture. Her work reflects that love in her old school cut-and-paste collage art. The crafted collage pieces are then scanned digitally and printed. Much as a photograph captures a notable instant, these vignettes, these reflections of the world around me create a momentary connection to a moment in time, a tiny story. I think of them each as an inner voice, a glimpse of a specific thought-form.

Ent Credit Union

Featuring Angi Beauheim

Ent will offer up our parking lot at 243 N College, have light snacks available and will be operating from 6:00-8:00pm. Our artist Angi Beauheim will also be working on an original creation during the walk.

Angi Beauheim is a watercolor artist located in Loveland, Colorado. She paints using traditional techniques and stylized images. Her two cats, Obi and Flynn, help her by posing. And looking on with disapproval.

Equinox Center of Herbal Studies

Featuring Jordan Secher

Join us at Equinox Center of Herbal Studies for new art from our featured artist, Jordan Secher, and nature arts + crafts, snacks and more! Jordan speaks to her work: "In life we faceplant and from there we can grow. It's easy to invalidate pain unseen and I want to acknowledge life's metaphorical face plants that don't always leave visible scars. Embracing our growing pains sucks AND it sincerely shapes a unique loveliness...a bloom, if you will. Most of my art is a mixture of ink, charcoal and dried plants.


Featuring Leslie of L. Emerson Artworks

The First Friday of September continues the story of Christina’s Aevum & Grey diaphanous silk overlays, adorned this month with exquisite jewelry pieces by Leslie of L. Emerson Artworks. Ellen Smith’s timeless antique zinc pieces, staged in our main entrance vitrine, are only available to admire or purchase at EsScentuals through September 3rd.

So follow your nose and descend the illuminated marble staircase and be drawn in by the alluring fragrance of our most prized Tatine Candles. Experience our artists’ creations and all the other unique finds housed in our charming 142bis gallerie space…

Frida Azul


Gilded Goat Brewing

Featuring DanaPaintsCo., Donivon Wood Fine Art, Abold_Artist, Creative Follies, Paula Harrison, music by Gray Harrison

September First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

If anything can be expected from Gilded Goat Brewing, it's brewing great beer to a delicious science; and turning a space into a beautifully crafted home. A home for good people, a home for community, and now a home for Artists and Art! 

Swing by Gilded Goat where this cozy brewery transforms into a bustling gallery brimming with mesmerizing Art. As you savor top-notch craft brews and munch on delectable pretzels, let your senses be enchanted by an eclectic mix of Artistic masterpieces and the sweet sounds of live music. Don't miss this harmonious blend of Art, tunes, and brews!

Live Musical Artist: Gray Harrison

Guest Artists: DanaPaintsCo. , Donivon Wood Fine Art , Gray Harrison , Abold_Artist , Creative Follies , Paula Harrison

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective. 

Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures

Featuring Australia and New Zealand Wine Tasting, and performance by Falé - the African Drum & Dance Collective of Fort Collins

Adult visitors to the Museum will enjoy complimentary tastings of wines from Australia and New Zealand during First Friday Art Walk on Sept. 1 from 5-8 pm. The tasting is sponsored by Outdoor Travel Adventures, Australia Tourism, and New Zealand Tourism, and light refreshments will also be served. The wines from New Zealand and Australia will be selected and poured by Jeff Matson from Wilbur’s Total Beverage in Fort Collins. Family owned and operated, Wilbur’s is known for its outstanding selection of fine wines, spirits, and beers.

 From 6-7:30, Falé – the African Drum & Dance Collective of Fort Collins – will perform live.

Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary

Featuring Presley Paints, Cosmic Macchiato, Karen Varty, Kate Fredrickson with Tempest Studio, Abstruse Apparel,  Jennifer Carmack @Wild Spirit Colorado, music by Josh Sun

September First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

Not only is Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary a fresh First Friday Art Walk location — it is the perfect place to stock your pantry full of fresh herbs and other organic local goods. Located in a historic building across College Avenue from the Exchange.

Rising above our town, you will find the beautiful and charming Poppy Seed, a space that the Golden Poppy uses to host various events and teach classes. Enter through the yellow door and let the melodies of talented live musicians, herbal whiffs, tea sniffs and Art energize you for spring. The Golden Poppy is truly an Artful downtown destination where creativity and well-being harmonize.

Live Musical Artist: Josh Sun

Guest Artists: Presley Paints, Cosmic Macchiato, Karen Varty, Kate Fredrickson with Tempest Studio, Abstruse Apparel,  Jennifer Carmack @Wild Spirit Colorado

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists! 

From the Artists, for the Collective.

Keller Williams Realty

Featuring Rose Ellen Swenson

Rose Ellen Swenson is a self taught watercolor artist based in Fort Collins CO, originally from Seattle WA. Her work is primarily influenced by her own journey navigating mental health. Through that journey a love of spreading mental health awareness was born. She specializes in portraiture and works closely with a vast array of clientele to capture their likeness and represent their story and essence. In her personal work she narrates a painful yet beautiful story that promotes inclusivity and acceptance. Using elements of expressionism, realism and a strong feminine presence she creates a dreamlike world one can easily get lost in. Painting is a form of therapy for her and it is her main goal to influence a therapeutic experience for the viewer as well.

Locust Cider

Featuring Melissa Oakes

Melissa Oakes photography focuses mostly on landscapes and wildlife, and she has her associates degree in Wildlife Management. Preserving nature through photography or wildlife conservation will always be a passion of Melissa's.

Mugs Old Town

Featuring The Pine Creek Cajun Band

This September Mugs Old Town will be hosting The Pine Creek Cajun Band! The Pine Creek Cajun Band brings Cajun and Creole songs of South Louisiana to the Colorado Front Range. Combining accordion and fiddles with french songs, the band plays two-steps and waltz's for the listening and dancing crowds. 

Museum of Art

Featuring Fiber Arts

Otter Shop

Featuring Ryan Kelley

Ryan is a local photographer from Fort Collins that specializes in Architecture and Landscape photography. He’s spent most of his life here in Northern Colorado hiking the trails along the Front range and into Rocky Mountain National Park always on the lookout for the next shot. His love of photography began when he got a wind-up film camera from a gift shop and he would aim it at everything he could. He uses a DSLR now, but he loves the feel and the challenge of film.

Peacock’s Perch


Pinot's Palette

Featuring Jules—Mandalas & Glass

I am an artist living and working in the Poudre Canyon. Continuously inspired by my natural surroundings as well as the music I am lucky enough to be surrounded by at my job. Creating things brings me joy and I hope you will love what I have to offer. 

Tap and Handle

Featuring Alejandro Alonzo, Pieces of childhood, Psychedelic Punx, Chelseaermer_art, Waging My Wars, EmilysDivine, Silverthaw Jewelry, Joey da Rat, JCHops, the_copper_compass, Ginger & Faye, MTN Goddess Ceramics, Burning Bonsai Art Studio, Trinkets by Riley, Ryan Stover, Jaz Binger, Hypnagogist, music by Whisper Sister

September First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

Get ready for a whirlwind of creativity at Tap And Handle! This hoppin' beer bar has partnered with the Petrichor Collective to bring you a first-rate First Friday Art Walk experience that's truly the perfect blend of craft and draft. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric Art scene, as the scent of summer Petrichor fills the air and the creative juices flow as smoothly as the beers on tap.

Art enthusiasts and beer lovers alike will be on cloud nine, as they enjoy some of the most delectable brews and bites in town while admiring the masterpieces of local talent. Tap And Handle's inviting ambiance and eclectic collection of craft beers provide the ideal backdrop for a night of Artistic exploration, making it the ultimate canvas for this vibrant event.

Live Musical Artists:  Whisper Sister Mycelium grows underground and designs a network, before ever fruiting mushrooms. Whisper Sister is the new budding fruit of an underground ear. Using all weapons and tools in their goal of pure expression. No leaders, only god in the room with a knife in her teeth.

Guest Artists: Alejandro Alonzo , Pieces of childhood , Psychedelic Punx , Chelseaermer_art , Waging My Wars , EmilysDivine , Silverthaw Jewelry , Joey da Rat , JCHops , the_copper_compass , Ginger & Faye , MTN Goddess Ceramics , Burning Bonsai Art Studio , Trinkets by Riley , Ryan Stover , Jaz Binger , Hypnagogist

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective.

The America Building


The Merchant Room

Featuring Mila Solo,  Greg Fladager, Ryan Embry, Scott Lenaway, Linda Roth, music by Eva Rose King

September First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

September features an unforgettable mixed media exhibition! The Merchant Room is now home to a fabulous original Artwork showcase, featuring our communities fine Artists.

You won’t want to miss this collection of beautiful pieces from some of the best Artistry Colorado has to offer. These talented Artists have been perfecting their craft for years while simultaneously keeping the lifeblood of Art in Fort Collins pumping. Their passion, dedication, and collaborative spirit gave way to troves of new Artists over the years.

Food Turned Art
Order an expertly crafted and balanced cocktail specially made for fueling your passion for Art. Ask for it non-alchoholic and join in on the fun without altering your vision. Then, graze over a platter of hand picked cheeses and meats courtesy of The Fox and the Crow. These treats will enhance your viewing experience and bring flavor to Art.

Live Musical Artist

Special live musical performance from Eva Rose King She has toured Spain, Portugal, Poland, and England playing with orchestras. Eva has always loved composing music, and at an early age started writing string quartets and viola solo compositions.

Find yourself in another world through the store, up the stairs, and into a truly perfect place to come together over Art at The Merchant Room. Here you will find Incredible Fort Collins local Artists eager to show off what they do best. Come browse, chat, and explore!

Guest Artists: Mila SoloGreg Fladager , Ryan Embry , Scott Lenaway, Linda Roth

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective.

The Stone Room

Featuring Simply Elcee, Micah, Austin and Emily Williams, Erin Joy Art, Joey Miranda, Mad Hare Press by Liz Ortiz, with live demo from Joey Miranda

September First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

This exciting and unique venue is open once again for creatives of all types to explore connection. The 100 year old building is beautiful around every corner, and in every nook and cranny. Come celebrate First Friday in The Stone Room, available to rent for your next special event!

Special Art Activity: Joey Miranda will be live crafting incredible ceramics. Bringing his very own pottery wheel he will be demonstrating his process for all visitors, all night long! 

Guest Artists: Simply Elcee, Micah, Austin and Emily Williams, Erin Joy Art, Joey Miranda, Mad Hare Press by Liz Ortiz

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective.

Trimble Court

Featuring Donna Insho-Hynes

Featured in September we have a new collection of small batch pottery by Donna Insho-Hynes.  Crafted here in Fort Collins, Donna's work showcases her love of detailed surface treatments and patterns.

Up'n Smoke


Visit Fort Collins

Featuring Jennie Mizrahi and Elyse Miller

Visit Fort Collins will host locally made art and music from Jennie Mizrahi and Elyse Miller. Jennie will be preforming a live painting session while Elyse elevates the room with her velvety voice. There will be light snacks and refreshments for those who stop by

Wolverine Farm