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Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art WalkTM

A self-guided tour for the art lover in everyone!

Every first Friday of the month from 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art Walk™ is a monthly self-guided walking tour that celebrates creativity, culture, and community in Downtown Fort Collins every month! From fine to funky, Art Walk showcases a spectrum of artistic styles to entertain and engage amateurs and art aficionados of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

Are you an artist? Are you interested in displaying your work for Downtown Fort Collins First Friday Art Walk™?

Please fill out this form to be added to the list of artists we share with Art Walk businesses.

*Please note: Artist selection is at the discretion of individual participating businesses.

Participating Locations

October Art Walk

Date: First Friday
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Downtown Fort Collins, CO
Cost: Free!

Bas Bleu


Big Al's

Featuring Lucy Powers, Abbi Garcia, Patrick Caldwell, Mallory Cash and Rylie Prussack

At Big Al’s we love funky style, bright colors and supporting our Fort Collins community, that’s why our walls are covered with local art! We currently have 5 artists that work in a variety of mediums. Stop by and take a look and enjoy a burger or hotdog.

  • Lucy Powers - children's book illustrations
  • Abbi Garcia - lifestyle/landscape photography
  • Patrick Caldwell – pen and ink drawings
  • Mallory Cash – colorful paintings
  • Rylie Prussack – 11 year old artist that would rather draw than eat or sleep

Blanchard Family Wines


Bloom Floral

Featuring Lisa Nevot

Nevot is an international and award-winning artist. Her work has been published and she has been published in trade magazines and newspapers over the last 15 years. She has been in the creative art industry for over 36 years.

Currently her artwork is touring Europe. Primariy Italy. She has shown in galleries and museums in Madrid Spain, Rome, Florence, Corchiano, Forli, Milan, and is heading to Museo Colle Del Duomo in Vitrbo sharing walls with Michaelangelo. She is also hanging and selling through Fort Collins Museum of Art, and spends time and hangs in the Independence Gallery in Loveland Colorado. However, the majority of her collectors are online selling to collectors all over the world. 

Ms. Nevot is also teaching art history and the inspiration of art as a tool to become a more conscious creator of our own lives. She is living out her passions daily, free to explore and experiment in life in a way most people do not experience. This enables her to follow her inspiration wherever it leads. Always evolving. Always changing.

Find more of her work at



Crisp & Green

Featuring Mallory Cash

Mallory Cash is an artist that enjoys painting with oil paint to create vibrant landscape sceneries. In her spare time she is an avid hiker and rock climber. These voyages are her muse when in front of a canvas. Where she reflects on the experiences of the locations explored and recreates those memories and feelings with paint. When not hiking or painting vibrant landscapes she is often painting custom pet portraits. It is what started her career as a solopreneur in 2016, and brings her much joy to see the love that others have for their companions.

Dandelions & Rust

Featuring Jerry Ertle and Lydia Augustine

Jerry Ertle 
I am a Colorado native and have loved living in Fort Collins most of my adult life. I took up woodworking as a retirement hobby. I enjoy creating original and unique pieces including cutting boards, bowls and wine glasses for family, friends and customers of Dandelions and Rust, using a variety of woods from exotic to Colorado beetle-kill pine. All of my work is done in my home based wood shop and is signed by me. 

Lydia Augustine
Living in Colorado I was inspired to become a full-time artist, recognizing basic elements of design found everywhere in nature. I was born with a fascination for color that continued into my adult years, accumulating an extensive collection of Crayola crayons long before adult coloring was in vogue. My joy in what I do is exemplified by my favorite statement, "Earth without art is just- 'eh'!"

Doozie Jewelry


Driver 8

Featuring Michael Bussmann and Corbin Brady

Michael Bussmann is a writer and artist living in Ft. Collins. He uses pen and wash to make illustrations that are sometimes sequential and occasionally humorous.

Corbin Brady is a Laporte based photographer who makes photos of big landscapes and small adventures.

Ent Credit Union

Featuring Ent Artists:  Kate Ames, Sara Bickers, Jason Brester, Briar Croteau, Ashley Driscoll, Sam Menzor and Kerry Westlund

We’re mixing it up for October and featuring our very own Ent Artists:  Kate Ames, Sara Bickers, Jason Brester, Briar Croteau, Ashley Driscoll, Sam Menzor and Kerry Westlund.  Start your walk at our old town branch, 243 N College, and take advantage of our ample parking!  While you’re viewing our employee art, enter to win a $100.00 Downtown Gift Card.  We will be open from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

Equinox Center of Herbal Studies

Featuring Madison Barnett

Join us at Equinox Center of Herbal Studies for new artworks by Madison Barnett, along with nature crafts, snacks, and drinks. Madison Barnett is a community taught printmaker based in Fort Collins. Madison works primarily in linocut, printing on paper and textiles. Her professional background is in Forestry, which has helped cultivate close relationships with land, inspiring her work. Madison is further influenced by themes of folk magic, anthropology, and personal synchronicity, using the medium of linocut as a tool to bring inner languages of symbols and daydreams to life with fine details and bold colors.


Featuring Beth of Beldamia

Featuring Beth of Beldamia, pouring candles from 6-8 pm

On this First Friday of October we once again invite you to follow your nose and descend the fragrantly illuminated marble steps to enter our enchanted 142bis gallerie space.

There you will find the bewitching, beguiling candle artisan Beth of Beldamia at her cauldron of  bubbling spiced wax. She’ll be offering up autumnal votive candle pours, along with a selection of already-poured larger vessels from her seasonal larder… Experience Candles as Art.

Capture the essence. Take it with you.

Frida Azul


Gilded Goat Brewing

Featuring Abold_Artist, Art Owl Designs, Waging My Wars, Joey Miranda, Karen Varty, Lucas Archuleta, music by Whisper Sister, Nathaniel Riley

October First Friday - A Petrichor Collective Project

If anything can be expected from Gilded Goat Brewing, it's brewing great beer to a delicious science; and turning a space into a beautifully crafted home. A home for good people, a home for community, and now a home for Artists and Art!

Swing by Gilded Goat where this cozy brewery transforms into a bustling gallery brimming with mesmerizing Art. As you savor top-notch craft brews and munch on delectable pretzels, let your senses be enchanted by an eclectic mix of Artistic masterpieces and the sweet sounds of live music. Don't miss this harmonious blend of Art, tunes, and brews!

Live Musical Artists:
Whisper Sister Mycelium grows underground and designs a network, before ever fruiting mushrooms. Whisper Sister is the new budding fruit of an underground ear. 

Nathaniel Riley Nathaniel’s songscapes lean on your heartstrings, unpacking melodies like a nostalgic lucid dream. Acoustically driven, wistful lyricism and ambient instrumentation provide the bedrock for his contemporary folktales.

Guest Artists: Abold_Artist , Art Owl Designs , Waging My Wars , Joey Miranda , Karen Varty , Lucas Archuleta

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective. 

Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures

Featuring Australia and New Zealand; Miles Apart

The exhibit, coordinated by guest curator Jean Lehman, surveys the distinctive environments, lifestyles, and traditions of the two countries. The exhibition runs through November 18.

“Come and enjoy with us the rich cultures, histories, and arts of New Zealand and Australia,” said Lehman. “Explore didgeridoos and nose-played flutes, New Zealand rugby and Australian cricket, Australian children's books and some Aboriginal artists’ dot paintings, New Zealand possum-merino fashion and a Māori artist’s tattoo mask, modern jade jewelry in traditional Māori symbols, ancient weapons named nulla nulla and wahaika, and Australian BIF stone more than 1.5 billion years old.”

First Friday and Members-Only Social

From 5-8 pm Friday, Oct. 6, a Members-Only Social will be held in the Museum’s program room with complimentary snacks and beverages (including wine). Oct. 6 is First Friday Art Walk with free admission for all visitors from 5-8 pm.

Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary

Featuring Chris Laulom, Hay J, Rebecca Staudenmaier, Abstruse Apparel, Sasha Bellucci Art, Emagined Art (Emma Adams), food by Tomás Muñoz: Fermentation Extraordinair

October First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

Not only is Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary a fresh First Friday Art Walk location — it is the perfect place to stock your pantry full of fresh herbs and other organic local goods. Located in a historic building across College Avenue from the Exchange.

Rising above our town, you will find the beautiful and charming Poppy Seed, a space that the Golden Poppy uses to host various events and teach classes. Enter through the yellow door and let the melodies of talented live musicians, herbal whiffs, tea sniffs and Art energize you for spring. The Golden Poppy is truly an Artful downtown destination where creativity and well-being harmonize.

Food Artist:
Tomás Muñoz: Fermentation Extraordinair

Guest Artists:
Chris Laulom, Hay J, Rebecca Staudenmaier, Abstruse Apparel, Sasha Bellucci Art, Emagined Art (Emma Adams)  

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists! 

From the Artists, for the Collective.

Keller Williams Realty

Featuring Debbie Patterson

My name is Debbie and I create glass art. I have been making stained glass pieces for about 6 years now, and this past year I have moved into the creation of fused glass artwork. I am finding that I love this medium because it really allows me to be more fluid and expressive with my work. It is exciting to open the kiln and discover that your idea has come to fruition and always such a joy to discover that it has turned out even better than expected.

Locust Cider

Featuring Morgan Lindquist

There is such a sense of freedom and joy that can come from art, and Morgan Lindquists's inspiration is to encompass that as much as she can through her works of nebulas, galaxies and landscapes!  Morgan's journey with creation has been a long one full of healing, acceptance, self love and wickedly unorthodox.

Mugs Old Town

Featuring Melissa Oakes Photography and music by OT Di Falco

For October’s First Friday Mugs Old Town will be featuring a performance from OT Di Falco, an international sensation originally from the picturesque Italian island of Sicily. Currently calling Denver, Colorado home, OT Di Falco's mesmerizing voice and captivating performances have graced stages all across the United States. Art will be provided by Melissa Oakes Photography. After moving to Colorado in 2010, she has been increasingly impressed with the natural beauty of this state. Taking advantage of opportunities to capture photos of wildlife and landscapes has become a regular part of her adventures. Having achieved an Associate’s Degree in Wildlife Management, the preservation of nature is a strong focus of hers personally and professionally.

Museum of Art

Featuring Fiber Arts International

Otter Shop

Featuring Terry McNerney

Terry has been a mural artist and illustrator in Fort Collins for 30 years.  His major public murals include Jazz Alley, located at the Mitchell Building in Old Town, a 90 foot mural on the side of the Buffalo Seed building in Greeley, and Lucile’s in fort Collins that he is currently in the process of remodeling.  He also did the entire Love building in Loveland.  He has done over 100 private murals and illustrated several children’s books. 

Peacock’s Perch

Featuring Martha Carr

My father was in the military, so we traveled every 2 years. We lived in Puerto Rico, Panama, Japan, Hawaii and around the US and every culture we came into contact with, the art, the legends, the traditions all left an impression on how I see things.

When we moved here covid hit and it was difficult to find classes, but it also encouraged people to do online courses. I was able to take classes from amazing and generous artists in England where traditional glass painting and kiln work is very popular.

Mixing the glass powder and pigments learning the texture, opening the kiln the next day, and seeing the transformation of glass and painting is amazing.

To find a passion that allowed me to put a part of myself into each piece, where my life experiences and the beauty of nature play a role in inspiring me is a gift of true joy. I wake up every day grateful that I get to see the sun shining through something that I made and get to share that joy with others.

Pinot's Palette

Featuring Halloween Activities

Pinot’s promo of upcoming Halloween activities.

Tap and Handle

Featuring Somonoce Studio, Memento Vivre Fine Arts, Donivon Wood Fine Art, Cosmic Macchiato, Mag - The Goblin Den Studio, mossy cows, Pomart20, Seselis, music by Josh Sun Music

October First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

Get ready for a whirlwind of creativity at Tap And Handle! This hoppin' beer bar has partnered with the Petrichor Collective to bring you a first-rate First Friday Art Walk experience that's truly the perfect blend of craft and draft. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric Art scene, as the scent of Petrichor fills the air and the creative juices flow as smoothly as the beers on tap.

Art enthusiasts and beer lovers alike will be on cloud nine, as they enjoy some of the most delectable brews and bites in town while admiring the masterpieces of local talent. Tap And Handle's inviting ambiance and eclectic collection of craft beers provide the ideal backdrop for a night of Artistic exploration, making it the ultimate canvas for this vibrant event.

Live Musical Artists:
Josh Sun Music
My name is Josh Sun also known as the folk prince of Colorado. I make music, tell jokes and I love making people happy one song at a time. Thank you for letting me share my heart with you.

Guest Artists:
Somonoce Studio, Memento Vivre Fine Arts, Donivon Wood Fine Art, Cosmic Macchiato, Mag - The Goblin Den Studio, mossy cows, Pomart20, Seselis

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective.

The America Building


The Merchant Room


The Stone Room

Featuring DanaPaintsCo., Jack Finch,  Jennifer Carmack @Wild Spirit Colorado, JCHops, Justin Clements, The Copper Compass, Lucy Powers

October First Friday — A Petrichor Collective Project

This exciting and unique venue is open once again for creatives of all types to explore connection. The 100 year old building is beautiful around every corner, and in every nook and cranny. Come celebrate First Friday in The Stone Room, available to rent for your next special event!

Guest Artists:
DanaPaintsCo., Jack FinchJennifer Carmack @Wild Spirit Colorado, JCHops, Justin Clements, The Copper CompassLucy Powers

Hosted by Petrichor Collective
Visit to learn more about the event and don’t miss out on a unique Art experience brought to you by 40+ of Northern Colorado’s best Artists!

From the Artists, for the Collective.

Trimble Court

Featuring Dottie Boscamp

Featured for October we have a great collection of glass blown wall sculptures by Dottie Boscamp. These sculptures bring elegance and a touch of contemporary artistry to any space. Capturing and reflecting light they seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. 

Up'n Smoke


Visit Fort Collins


Wolverine Farm

Featuring Erika Osborne and Aitor Lajarin-Encina and music by Lewis Turner

Join us at the Publick House for an album release concert with Lewis Turner and his full band, as well as new artworks from CSU Faculty: Erika Osborne and Aitor Lajarin-Encina. SEE-THROUGH, now in its third year, aims to bring these overlapping communities together, to bridge the "town/gown" divide and showcase the many ways Coloradans make art.