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Snooze AM Eatery


144 W Mountain Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 482-9253

Snooze Re-Energizes The Way You Think, Feel And Ultimately Eat Breakfast.

Snooze invites you to a breakfast experience. Picture breakfast and lunch crafted from scratch recipes focusing on the highest level ingredients; a setting filled with energy and pouring over in creativity; service radiating fun and knowledge throughout. Our goal is to bring you the best breakfast and lunch experience around.

We’ve hand selected our produce, egg layers, beef builders and cow cousins for their natural, farm raised, free ranging, local (whenever possible) and tasty results. Every recipe is from scratch and made in our kitchen. Snooze’s exclusive organic coffee is picked, roasted and flown in directly from Guatemala every week. We compost, recycle, use recyclable materials, are carbon neutral, and dedicate a % of each sale to our community.


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