Support & Save Campaign

Donate, Support and Save!

Old Town’s locally-owned businesses need the community’s support now more than ever! Please consider making a donation to a listed business below, and in return, you’ll receive a bounce back cash-savings voucher redeemable for your next in-store visit in calendar year 2020. It’s easy to participate: DONATE as you are able, SUPPORT our friends, family and neighbors at these local businesses, and SAVE money on your next return visit to Old Town!

how the support & save campaign works


Select a business from the list below and consider a donation in the following increments: 

– Donate $20 and receive a $25 “Support & Save Voucher”
– Donate $40 and receive a $50 “Support & Save Voucher”
– Donate $80 and receive a $100 “Support & Save Voucher”


Contact the business via the featured contact method(s) below. They will then personally process your donation, so you can be rest assured that your support directly benefits them. 

The business will either mail or email your valid “Support & Save Voucher” in accordance with your donation amount.

Tell the World you love local! Share #SupportAndSave on social media to win selected-at-random giveaways from restaurants and retailers!

Make plans to visit Downtown at a later date in 2020 to redeem your in-store voucher and take advantage of your savings.