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Teen Activity Center, TAC 212


212 West Mountain Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 698-7269

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The Center for Family Outreach is a nonprofit organization that became a "Family-Centered Prevention Program" in 2000. Since then, it has provided education, prevention, and early intervention programs for students and their families. Our main goals are to promote positive communication, strengthen family relationships, and enhance the ability to solve problems together as a family. We are known for our compassion, integrity, parenting, and family support for teenagers and their families who experience difficulties during adolescence.

The Center offers programs and classes that work alongside our case management process. Our programs include psychoeducation programs, therapy and addiction counseling, parenting support, and Stop-in services. Our referrals come from schools, parents, law enforcement, mental health workers, and health networks for youth with substance use or high-risk behaviors. Every student is assigned a case manager who encourages and supports them in achieving their goals. The program reduces the risk of substance abuse and family conflict and deterring youth from entering the juvenile system. We also provide guidance for parents with teens challenged with mental health and behavioral issues.

A community enrichment program of The Center for Family Outreach, the Teen Activity Center, TAC 212, strives to be an inclusive and fun space while ensuring a drug and alcohol-free environment. We envision the Teen Activity Center as a "Third" space outside school and home for teens to feel supported and make lasting connections. The Teen Activity Center is a community and resource hub for 13–18-year-olds in the Northern Colorado area, offering enriching programming, activities, and events throughout the year listed on the TAC 212 calendar.


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