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JJsmobile solution


140 W Oak Street
Suite 295
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 567-8068

A Locally Owned Phone And Tablet Repair Shop!

JJsmobileSolution is proud to be a locally owned phone and tablet repair shop located in the Oak Street Mall in Old Town between Mason Avenue and Oak Street. The repair shop is able to work on almost any device and have it repaired the same day in most cases. JJsmobileSolution is Eco-oriented, recycling all of its used products and refurbishing as many parts as can be possible is very important to the company as they really care about the environment. The Shop is family owned and operated by husband and wife. Jonathan and Gisela moved from the hustle and bustle of Miami Beach, Florida to the lovely town of Fort Collins in early 2017 to start a family and grow their business. They couldn’t be happier to trade the beach for the mountains. Jonathan is an electronics engineer who has been working with electronic devices for over 20 years, Remember the beeper? Visit JJsmobileSolution’s website or call to set up an appointment for service.


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