Downtown Alleys Spotlight

The Rocky Mountain region’s most celebrated alleyway network is just steps away! In 2004, Downtown’s historic alleyways were identified as areas of untapped potential for programming, enhanced pedestrian connections, and dynamic art installations. Over a decade later, the enhanced alleyways are bustling with activity and inspiring communities near and far to pursue their own renovation projects. From an interactive wall mural that comes to life and moves at night, to a state-of-the-art cable art installation, make sure to check out these downtown hidden treasures!

trimble court alley

Downtown’s original renovated alleyway connects Old Town Square with the district’s main shopping corridor and encourages non-traditional pedestrian connections amongst beautiful public art and breathtaking horticultural displays.


tenney court

A colorful Fort Collins-themed mural covers an entire wall along this alley-way. A towering double-tier bike rack equipped to secure 16 bikes is just one of the alley’s many features worthy of discovery.


old firehouse alley

Old Town’s newest renovated alley connects multiple pedestrian areas to some of Downtown’s hidden gems. The alley is home to an interactive wall mural painted by world-renowned Italian muralist, Peeta, and is brought to life through interactive movement-triggered technology.


west mountain alley

What was once a cramped parking lot is now home to a unique cable art installation in an alleyway that connects three busy streets. Improved traffic and pedestrian routes reinvigorated this space and opened the door for new ways to navigate Old Town.


The Downtown Development Authority’s Alley Master Plan is a long term plan to tap into the potential for enhanced pedestrian connections, improved drainage, trash and recycling, and the opportunity to create festive spaces that feature unique lighting, painting, art installations and seating.

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