A Culture Preserved (In the Black Experience)

A CULTURE PRESERVED (in the Black Experience) Art Exhibition Curated by Louise Cutler (Fort Collins, CO)

A Culture Preserved in the Black Experience addresses how Black culture and its heritage reflect and shape the values, beliefs, and aspirations, which define a people’s identity. This exhibition presents and preserves the Black visual artist narrative and also explores how Black people relate and fit within the American dream where they have had to consistently reshape and reformulate their identities.
Participating Artists:
Louise Cutler, Fort Collins, CO • Karen Drewry, Wisconsin • E laf Art, Fort Collins, CO Gerald Grif n, Chicago, IL • Thomas Lockhart, Denver CO • Joyce Owens, Chicago, IL
Charly Palmer, Atlanta, GA • Deborah Shedrick, Alabama Kevin Wak Williams, Atlanta, GA • Jim Wider, Black Forest, CO

Location: 201 S. College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Date/Time: July 29 - October 16 @ 11:59 pm
Price: $1.00 – $17

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