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Tetra Pak Intaglio Printmaking Workshop

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Join Mad Hare Press by Liz Ortiz and learn how to create an Intaglio Drypoint print using recycled Tetra Pak cartons & etching ink.

Join Mad Hare Press by Liz Ortiz for a fun and accessible printmaking workshop using recycled materials. Make your own print with the printmaking technique of intaglio etching using recycled Tetra Pak cartons as a plate. Participants will learn how to etch an image into the Tetra Pak surface creating line work with a Drypoint needle. They will also learn how to ink their plate and print using a similar process as traditional intaglio printmaking creating unique and exciting images.
Minimum Age Requirement: Suggested minimum age is 12 (12-18 a parent/guardian should be present to sign liability waiver(s) for any minor)

This event is produced by an outside organization and is unaffiliated with the Downtown Development Authority. The DDA website serves as a marketing outlet for events and promotions occurring inside the Downtown boundary. For questions regarding the event, please contact the event producer.