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No Thanks with Jacob Hillman, DJ Teagz, Tyler James

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No Thanks is a high-energy house duo that produces their sound from the Canadian West Coast. With a combined production experience of over 15 years, Giuliano Rascan and Dejan Zoric's collaboration has been captivating audiences at renowned festivals such as Beyond Wonderland, Fvded In The Park, and EDC Las Vegas. In their quest to redefine the boundaries of house music, No Thanks boldly rejects conventional norms, seamlessly merging the realms of tech house, bass house, and pop.
Their innovative approach has birthed a distinct signature sound they call 'Polite House’, gaining support from some of the top DJs in the industry and gracing the biggest stages across the country. Armed with an impressive discography that boasts releases on esteemed labels such as Thrive Music and Insomniac Recs, No Thanks lures their listeners into an auditory playground that is vocal driven and stylized with high pitch, tight drums, and low bass lines. Embark on a musical odyssey with No Thanks as they continue to shape the new age of house music, breaking down genre barriers and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The philosophy is simple, say No Thanks to the rules. Welcome to the Polite Club.

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