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Moodboard Therapy: A Personal Branding Workshop with MCCB

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Join Madeline Bechtel of MCCB Design to create the visual language that represents you, your business, or your work.

Join Madeline Bechtel — local graphic designer, artist, and business owner — for a hands-on workshop focused on establishing strong personal or business branding. Together we’ll curate unique materials, colors, and textures that meaningfully represent you or your brand and assemble them into an artful moodboard-style piece. All supplies (including a headshot) will be included in the process and will go home with you to help inspire future work. Recommended for those looking to begin a branding process, refine their personal style, or develop an easier system for representing their art or business.

Topics Covered: Personal Branding, Graphic Design Basics, Branding Basics, Color Theory & Color Psychology, Small Business Management, Portfolio Building, Multi-Media, Collage, and Photography

Minimum Age Requirement: Recommended for adults/professionals

This event is produced by an outside organization and is unaffiliated with the Downtown Development Authority. The DDA website serves as a marketing outlet for events and promotions occurring inside the Downtown boundary. For questions regarding the event, please contact the event producer.