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Foundation Lagree at Grit FoCo!

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Are you interested to find out what Lagree is about?

If you are new to Lagree, the GRIT Foundation classes are here to introduce you to the machine and the workout!

Lagree: Grit Shake is a workout that combines strength, cardio, balance, core and flexibility not only in each session but in every move! Using the Lagree method allows you to workout smarter, not longer, for faster results. At Grit we call our Lagree classes Shake because this method targets the slow twitch muscles that create after burn. You will never plateau by shaking with us! Foundations will break down every move. There will be fewer postures cued to give time for transitions.

Foundation Lagree classes:
Tuesday 9:30am, Thursday 9:30am & Saturday 10 am
What you need: sticky socks (FREE rental for your first class!)

This event is produced by an outside organization and is unaffiliated with the Downtown Development Authority. The DDA website serves as a marketing outlet for events and promotions occurring inside the Downtown boundary. For questions regarding the event, please contact the event producer.