The Waffle Lab


Founded in April 2012 in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, The Waffle Lab specializes in gourmet Belgian-style Liège waffles.  Using our signature "classic" waffle as the base, we create amazing sweet and savory waffle combinations.  Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert, the hardest part of The Waffle Lab experience is choosing from our mouth-watering menu.


Originally developed in Belgium, the Liège (pronounced “lee-ayjh”) waffle is unlike any waffle you’ve ever had. Made from yeast-leavened dough (not a batter) and specially imported Belgian pearl sugar, this mouth-watering piece of heaven is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Baked at the perfect temperature, the sugar pearls melt on the inside and caramelize on the outside for a sweet, delicate crunch. Believe us, this waffle is sweet and moist enough on its own—no syrup necessary!

If the chicken-and-waffles trend confuses you, allow The Waffle Lab to clear things up

Style Magazine, Dec '15 - Best Food Truck 2015