The Ace Gallery

You finally have control over how many people will see your work at Art Country Emporium!


We are MUCH MORE than a beautiful, art gallery which displays paintings! We offer memberships with perks (not just boring monthly meetings), portrait sessions (AM & PM), Instruction in Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Mixed Media and Graphite, an air-conditioned studio to create in with all supplies included, a retail store stocked with jewelry, Old Pawn, clothing , hats, boots, art supplies (yes, we have soft, mixing white and plein air supplies), AND Nespresso, Lemonade, Snow Cones, and Homemade pie each week!

As an artist, do you ever wonder after hanging at a gallery, how many people actually see your work? When you walk away, do you feel as if part of your soul was left there, and you're really not sure what you've just paid for? That feeling stops now!

NOW, you have CONTROL over how many people will see your work at Art Country Emporium ( The ACE Gallery) because an art advocate, (15 years track record) and social media expert owns it!

You now have the benefit of being SEEN and MARKETED by a skilled individual with over 55,000 contacts in the art community in 
Northern Colorado and beyond!

It won't be a simple "hang my art and see ya" kind of experience any longer. This experience bumps up the equation of what a gallery offers, and actually GETS YOUR ART SOLD! CHOOSE your package, and watch the sales, commissions, and notoriety fly your way!
Don't EVER be "just another painting on a wall" again!!!

See your dreams come true as ours have---in helping you!


The Ace Gallery The Ace Gallery