Salus Natural Body Care

Natural Body Care


SALUS is Fort Collin’s very own natural bath and body care company founded by CSU Alumni.  They handcraft their natural soaps, moisturizing bath bombs, aromatherapy shower bombs, lotions, creams, bubbling bath cupcakes, organic lip conditioner, massage care, shampoo, conditioner, Muscle Relief Gel, gifts and more. Their products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and are paraben-free, and as a BONUS most everything starts off unscented so that you do not have to have a scent, or you can choose from their wide selection of over 200 fragrances and essential oils to have it scented the way you want. For true, Colorado crafted natural body care, visit Salus!

Salus is located at 240 Walnut St in Old Town. Look for their big green “Bath & Body” awning!


Salus Natural Body Care Salus Natural Body Care