Outreach Fort Collins

Street Outreach Team for Downtown Fort Collins


Outreach Fort Collins is community-driven outreach to maintain our downtown as a safe and welcoming place while connecting our community’s most vulnerable to the services and supportive networks they need.

It is a professionally staffed, on-the-street team who will build relationships with community members, service providers, businesses and city services as a means to address and deescalate disruptive behaviors downtown.

Outreach Fort Collins seeks to:

Resolve on street conflicts that currently pull emergency responders away from their primary task of maintaining public safety.
Streamline community referrals for those who are vulnerable and in need of community-based resources.
Maintain downtown as a vibrant and thriving destination to live, dine, work and visit.

Outreach Fort Collins will positively impact the lives of those living in, working in, and visiting downtown Fort Collins.


Outreach Fort Collins