Ku Cha House of Tea

A traditional Chinese tea house that provides over 150 premium loose leaf teas.

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The Fort Collins location of Ku Cha House of Tea is the second storefront of a Colorado-owned tea emporium. Started by Qin Liu and Rong Pan, Ku Cha specializes in selling and serving over 200 high-quality, loose-leaf teas and herbs from around the world! Our main point of pride is our Top Chinese Teas, such as Rock Oolong Teas or the highest grade of DragonWell tea, a famous Chinese green tea.

We are also proud to bring you “teas” like Rooibos and house-created fruit and herbal blends. You are also welcome to create your own special blend at our BYOT wall (Blend Your Own Tea), either with our guidance and recipes, or on your own!
Just as smelling tea leaves is a big part of the Chinese Brewing Tradition, we offer smelling jars, where you can experience the many aromas of teas, from fresh herbal infusions to fruity black teas to highly caffeinated Pu'Erh Cakes from Chinese Yunnan Province. We also provide a tea sample every day, based on our theme of the week, for your tasting pleasure.

Our Tea Slingers are always happy to help find the perfect brew for you, whether that means finding the right leaves to take home, the right tools (like infusers or local honey), or brewing you up a fresh cuppa’ on the spot! We also brew tea-lattes (we really steam our milk!), provide locally-baked, tea-infused pastries (as well as Traditional Chinese Tea Snacks), and make the best Boba Tea in town!
We have a gorgeous seating area, either in our private GongFu tea room tucked in the back of the store where you can experience a Traditional Chinese GongFu Service by our highly trained staff, or in the front of our store, either at our custom-made bar-top, or our various tables. You can enjoy free re-steepings with our FREE WIFI. If you have a minute, our Slingers are always glad of a chance to talk tea.

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Ku Cha House of Tea Ku Cha House of Tea Ku Cha House of Tea Ku Cha House of Tea