Beau Jo’s

Colorado Style Mountain Pies


Our Philosophy
Our commitment to you, our customers, neighbors, friends and employees is that we will operate in a socially responsible manner. We work at creating the highest quality food along with healthy options and choices for those with dietary challenges. We also strongly believe in working toward a sustainable environment. With that in mind, we use wind power provided by Xcel Energy’s Wind-source program, (we are currently the 16th largest user in the state of Colorado, New Mexico and Minnesota), along with investing in solar panels, helping to power the Idaho Springs and Boulder restaurants. We conserve energy and water wherever possible. We use bio-degradable to-go containers, recycle and strive to buy products locally, reducing the environmental costs of transportation along with helping our Colorado economy.
In harmony with the environment, we use electricity generated by wind power.

Our Food
We are known for our mountain pie, also known as an “ingredient containment system” which was originally designed to feed the monstrous appetites of skiers returning from the mountains. It is made up of a hand-rolled crust and an abundance of toppings located under the cheese. The crust is a built-in dessert; not only is the dough made with honey, but after enjoying your mountainous slice of pizza, you can dip your crust in honey!
We also carry gluten free and vegan options. We have gluten free crust, numerous gluten free appetizers, a variety of gluten free beers, and even a gluten free dessert! We also carry dairy-free cheese.


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