The Medicine of Aspen Tree


Fall is right around the corner and what better time to get acquainted with one of Colorado's native keystone species, the Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides).

Autumn is a time when the Aspen shines, reminding us to let go of what doesn't serve us and return to our authentic selves and our roots.

This class will take place under an aspen grove where participants will get to experience its medicine first hand! We will discuss the chemical constituents and actions of Aspen medicine, try a few different medicines made with the aspen, discuss its role in the ecosystem, threats facing it with climate change (Sudden Aspen Decline) and how to make medicine with respect to the forest and plants health.  

Lastly we will meditate with the Aspen and participants will leave with a deeper connection to it's medicine as well as a deeper understanding of themselves.  

Details of what we will explore;

Chemical constituents & actions of Aspen's medicine (We will try firsthand its medicine & experience its actions!).  

Aspen's ecosystem impact as a keystone species and how it shapes the forest as well get up close and see how climate change is affecting our local Aspen populations (Sudden Aspen Decline, insects, pathogens).  

How to ethically & respectfully make medicine with different parts of the tree

Meditate underneath the canopy of Aspens and gain direct insight from the species itself to help us bloom to be the best we can be!

Taught by Staff member and aspen admirer Sheehan Meagher

Cost: $10

Class limit is 12 people so sign up early to claim your spot.