The Five Flavors of Herbs


A journey through the 5 flavors & their actions on the human body.

Do you find yourself craving sweets? How about salty foods?

Food is a great way to nourish and bring balance to our bodies and being aware of our food cravings can help us recognize imbalance in the body and how to properly realign.

In this class we will explore the 5 flavors (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, acrid/pungent/spicy) from the perspective of oriental medicine in a sensory experience that’s fun for all walks of life.

According to ancient oriental medicine each of the five flavors corresponded to a different organ in our bodies.

We will try different preparations from each of the 5 flavors, discuss the science behind actions and feel its effects on our bodies first hand!!

After the class participants will have a better understanding of using food as medicine and may become better cooks.


Taught by staff member Sheehan Meagher

Cost: donation based, offer what you can to the teacher for their time

Class size is limited to 20 so you must pre-register to hold your spot: