Family owned and operated since 1972, The Cupboard is a kitchen shop located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. Our 6,500 square feet of well-worn wooden floors, friendly staff, and free coffee encourage wandering. Wander to discover the perfect kitchen gadget, peruse a new cookbook, or try a chocolate from our candy case. We believe in cultivating your senses to inspire creativity. Our motto: “Home is where the kitchen is.”

We recognize that your kitchen can have many different stages. As a new graduate, you may be just starting to build your own kitchen, gathering the essentials and learning to cook. As a mom, you likely have a fully stocked kitchen and are working to meet the demands of feeding your family. This may include balancing cooking healthy meals amidst leading a busy life. Or you may not cook at all and maybe you want to learn. Cooking comes in many forms and has many stages throughout our lives. At The Cupboard, we want you to fall in love and stay in love with cooking. That’s why we have highlighted our perfect day in Old Town for all of our foodies or foodies to be!



Stop #1: The Cupboard

Start your day at The Cupboard. Head to the back for a free cup of coffee and then start to wander. Hit the cookbook loft and uncover a new recipe or book you can’t live without. Be sure to check out the gems in the sale loft, too! Then head down to gadgets…where we have an entire wall of kitchen utensils! You might just find the perfect spatula, a tool to mince garlic with one roll of the hand, and more. Then, there is bakeware, BBQ, local foods, cookware, dinnerware, coffee, coffee makers and more. Let the foodie in you delight in discovering new ways to bring your kitchen to life.



Stop #2: Old Town Spice Shop

A few doors down from The Cupboard, stop in to peruse both exotic and essential spices. Freshen up your current spice cabinet and try something new. Or collect the spices you need to make that delicious new recipe from the cookbook you just purchased from The Cupboard! You will love this local gem.




Stop #3: The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and Bistro

The next stop on our foodie tour is The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop. An intimate and quaint shop on Pine Street, this store will delight your senses.  They offer over 50 cheeses, including soft triple cremes, hard aged goudas, classic blues, surprising goats and more! And if you need a break from all of this foodie shopping, turn the corner and sit down to enjoy a meat and cheese tray and a glass of wine at their bistro on Walnut Street.



Stop #4: Nuance Chocolate

Do we really need to say much more than chocolate? We didn’t think so, BUT, this chocolate shop is distinctive, as Nuance makes all of their chocolate from beans roasted and ground in Fort Collins, Colorado. Nuance defines the art of chocolate making! Enjoy their beautiful space and either order a few chocolates to go, or sit down and enjoy a flight of chocolates and a cup of coffee.



Stop #5: Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company

Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company has every oil and balsamic you can imagine. They stock a wide range of olive oils from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. They also offer distinctive balsamic vinegars such as Blackberry Ginger Dark Balsamic or Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic. You can taste before you buy. Delicious!



Stop #6: Savory Spice

We love that there are TWO spice shops within walking distance in Old Town. You will find this store full of intriguing and delightful ideas for cooking with spices, AND it is owned by a former mayor of Fort Collins! The shop is welcoming and a joy to explore. A fine way to end your day in Old Town, and purchase any spices for recipe ideas that have bubbled up in the second half of your day.

  • Your Kitchen Store and More

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    The Cupboard
    152 S. College Ave.
  • We provide the highest quality of spices you can find at the quantity you need.

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    Old Town Spice Shop
    130 A S. College
  • Locally owned cheese shop. Come in, sit down and enjoy cheese flights paired with wine or beer.

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    The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop
    216 Pine St.
  • Artisanal chocolate made straight from beans roasted and ground in Old Town Fort Collins.

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    Nuance Chocolate
    214 Pine Street
  • Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company
    123 N College Ave #170
  • More than 400 handcrafted spices, herbs and seasonings in customer friendly quantities.

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    Savory Spice Shop
    123 N. College Ave Unit 100