Health & the Chakras - Root Chakra


In Ayurveda, the chakras are energy centers located in our bodies that each govern different aspects of our life; from our sense of self worth to our connection with a higher purpose, the chakras have long been used to help describe some of the multitudes of ways we interact with the world around us.

When looked at from different perspectives, we can see that the chakras can correlate not only to our energetic/emotional/psychological being, but also to our physical selves in a very real manner.

By using the chakra system as a framework, we can address the many aspects of health from multiple levels and angles.

This class series will be an exploration of how the chakras correspond not only to our more subtle selves, but also to our very real and physical selves, and how we can use this framework to achieve greater overall health and well being.

As we move through the series, addressing one chakra at a time, you will learn about herbs, nutrients, essential oils, and other natural health modalities that correspond to the individual chakras and how to use them.

You will leave each class with at least one remedy or recipe to take home and begin using right away.

You do not have to take every class in the series to benefit from this work, but just image how healthy you would be if you did!

Taught by Owner & Clinical Herbalist Sarah Josey

Cost: classes are $20/class, sign up for the whole series and get one class free.

Class size is limited to 18 so you must pre-register to hold your spot: