Getting Around

Transportation Options in Downtown

Getting around Downtown is easy!

Bicycling in Downtown Fort Collins: 

The City of Fort Collins and local stakeholders are working to make bicycling safer for bicyclists and pedestrians in the downtown area. Bicycling on the sidewalks in the downtown area is prohibited. Police officers will ticket bicyclists and skateboarders for riding in the dismount zone. View the dismount zone map to the right.

Bicycling on College Ave. is legal but recommended for experienced bicyclists are who are comfortable riding with traffic. To access the downtown area on low-traffic streets North and South, please ride Mason St. (North only), Howes St. (south only), Remington St., and Mathews St. Low-traffic East-West connections to downtown include Laporte Ave. to Walnut, Mountain Ave., Oak St., Olive St. and Magnolia. Always be sure to carefully cross railroad tracks at a 90 degree angle as the tracks can be slippery and bumpy.

Alleyways also create excellent low-traffic bicycle connectivity throughout downtown, but be sure to watch for pedestrian, motorist, and other bicyclist activity. Ride predictably, respectfully, and always use hand signals, a bike bell, and bike lights (at night) when bicycling anywhere in the City of Fort Collins and always wear a helmet.

Fort Collins Streetcar / Trolley

From City Park to Old Town
Sasturdays & Sundays, May - September, 12pm - 5pm

Adults: $2
Seniors & Children: $1
Under 2: FREE


  • ​City Park (tennis courts)
  • Shields St. & Mountain Ave.
  • Loomis St. & Mountain Ave.
  • Howes St. & Mountain Ave

Fort Collins Bus System:

Ride Fort Collins Transfort to get all around town and coming soon ride the MAX (Mason St. Rapid Bus Transit)! Read more by clicking here.

Fort Collins Trail Systems

whether you want to walk, bike, or run the City of Fort Collins has many amazing trails connecting all of Fort Collins and Downtown to our neighborhoods and naturalarrears.Click here for more info on the Trails System

Safe Rides and Taxi Services:


Fort Collins Bike Library Location at Surplus Property

Check out this bike rental service that is open from 9am – 1pm on Monday-Friday.  During these hours you can rent a bike and if you return it before 1pm of the same day then the rental is free.  If you keep it after 1 then we charge $10 and you can return the bike before 1pm the next day to avoid getting charged another $10.  They can rent bikes up to seven days for the same price of 10 dollars a day. The goal to provide transportation to those wishing to try out biking, but also to provide a way to explore Fort Collins and its extensive biking culture. We are excited to get bikes into the hands of people visiting CSU especially, because they will not usually have a good means to explore Fort Collins and their experience will be limited to campus, when there is a very vibrant and exciting downtown just a bike ride away. Located at 201 W. Lake Street and euipped with a force of 20 bikes! Come riding with us! 

Learn more here!

  • Borrow a bike and make the world great!

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    Fort Collins Bike Library
    13 Old Town Square
  • Parking brings customers to Downtown.

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    Parking Services - City of Fort Collins
    215 N. Mason St. 1st Floor, South wing