“There’s Something There”

A discussion and musical presentation by Artistic Director Bruce Adolphe.

So much music is made from so few notes! Is there an idea there or have we heard this before..or both? Join Bruce Adolphe as he explores what constitutes a musical idea in a variety of time periods and styles, and improvises at the keyboard to examine mysteries and methods of musical creativity.

Location: 320 E Vine Dr Suite 101
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Date/Time: June 27 @ 5:30 pm - June 27 @ 6:30 pm
Price: $10 – $30

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Disclaimer: This event is produced by an outside organization and is unaffiliated with the Downtown Development Authority. The DDA website serves as a marketing outlet for events and promotions occurring inside the Downtown boundary. For questions regarding the event, please contact the event producer.