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At Happy Lucky's we infuse a unique shopping experience with expertise, convenience and excitement.

Our "Great Wall of Tea" greets every customer with the opportunity to experience over 180 loose-leaf teas at the sensory level—the aroma, the visual, and the taste. Our tea selection is the largest in the State of Colorado.

The knowledgeable and friendly "Leafsters" (staff) can help you make the right selections. All our tea is available for purchase loose-leaf or brewed for your enjoyment. We have a large assortment of teaware and brewing accessories to help you make delicious tea at home. Plus if you are on the run we always have ready to go a chai of the day during the colder months and an iced tea of the day for the hot ones.

Happy Lucky's is located inside the historic Old Firehouse in Old Town Fort Collins. Originally built in 1881 the firehouse and jail were active unit the 1950's. Today the Old Firehouse is divided between Happy Lucky's Teahouse and Old Firehouse Books.

We have ample seating in the teahouse. You can hang out by the front windows to enjoy the sights of Old Town, relax in the new tea room, enjoy the back patio, or saddle up at the tea bar and watch the Leafsters "work." Sitting at the tea bar is a great way to talk tea and if the timings right, meaning we are not to busy, join the Leafsters in a tasting.

At Happy Lucky's Teahouse and Treasures our favorite saying is "Tea is life—Enjoy and share daily."

Come visit--we have FREE WiFi.

We're "Serving Up World Change!"


Happy Lucky’s Teahouse Happy Lucky’s Teahouse