USA Pro Challenge




Saturday, August 22nd

About the USA Pro Challenge:

The USA Pro Challenge, also known as America's Race, is an annual multi-day professional road cycling stage race that takes Colorado by storm for one week each year. Celebrated for taking racers and spectators to incredible altitudes and through spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery, the race makes its second appearance with Stage 6 in Northern Colorado on August 22nd 2015. Come watch history in the making as the race finishes in Downtown Fort Collins!

The Route:

After a wildly successful stage in 2013 and a year off in 2014, northern Colorado is back for another stage of the USA Pro Challenge. Combining crowd and competitor favorites from 2013 with new challenges and scenery, the 2015 course is shorter but tougher and full of surprises.

Departing again from the centrally located and accessible Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, racers will reprise much of the first half of the 2013 course, including fast and furious intermediate sprints in Windsor and Downtown Loveland.

When the race hits the west side of town, we hit our first new addition: a loop of the challenging and scenic Carter Lake, which delivers the first significant climb of the day, a formidable 6-8 percent grind for a mile up to the reservoir. Could that be the springboard for the days break?

After the Carter loop, we head north across Highway 34 to Masonville, a familiar sight to spectators of the 2013 stage, but here we diverge again, heading west up the Buckhorn Canyon where the real fireworks for the stage are likely to begin. With 20 miles of steep climbs and blazing descents before the summit, look for a ferocious King of the Mountain (KOM) battle at the top of Ford Hill near Stove Prairie. Then, count on a fierce chase to reel in the break as the race dives into the tight, twisty Rist Canyon.

Once we’re back on the Front Range, contenders will revisit familiar turf, with a spirit-crushing, fan pleasing lap of the fearsome Horsetooth Reservoir Dams (“the Damn Dams” as locals know them.) Expect the break to splinter and counter attacks to fly on the dams, as they’re the last chance for a gutsy move before a flat and fast finale, finishing again in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins.

Best Places to Watch:

  • Bingham Hill
  • Horsetooth Reservoir
  • Old Town

Parking In Downtown During the Event

We highly encourage onlookers to ride their bike, walk or take the MAX during the Pro Challenge finish and festival in Downtown. If you do drive, please note these closures below. 

Remington Surface Lot: Open Access All Weekend

Mountain Ave. Parking Garage: Closed to public all day Saturday, Public Access again around 6:00 pm. Enter by driving north on Remington.

Civic Center Parking Garage: Open Access All Weekend

Street Closure Traffic Plan

Please be cautious, once streets begin to close all parked cars in these areas will be towed. 

Friday, August 21st at 4:00 am

  • Eastbound Lanes of Mountain Ave between College and Remington
  • NW Lane of Walnut and Linden Street segment
  • The SE Lane of Walnut will remain open until Saturday morning to allow traffic to still flow on Walnut in one direction and make the turn on to Mountain.  (hoping this helps on Friday night)  We will also close the section of Remington needed for the TV Compound.

Satuday, August 22nd at 4:00 am

  • Remaining segment of Mountain Ave and Walnut Streets

College Avenue Plans

  • Closure Saturday at 1:30 pm and re-open at 4:15 pm.  College Ave will be left open as a rolling enclosure until 1:30pm at the earliest.   It will then be re-opened as soon as possible after the racers finish.

Street Re-openings

All affected streets will be re-opened to vehicle traffic by Midnight on August 22nd.

This is not a Downtown Business Association event, for more information click here.